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The Impossible Project

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

In June of 2019, I noticed a disappointing trend towards my Tale of Two Wastelands conversion of Washington's Malevolence; the mod had been largely ignored in favor of other mods. I barely ever saw it come up in people's load orders that are posted online, the mod was receiving limited traffic compared to other projects, and everywhere I looked, all I saw was projects from bigger teams. My little project was virtually ignored. Seriously, even the Alton port has more endorsements now.

So I got mega-salty and decided, "if that's how it's gonna be, fuck 'em then, I wanna give them something that's just going to piss. them. off."

Enter The Impossible Mod.

The Impossible Mod is meant to be a short mod that is made to test the player's skills, knowledge of the world of the Mojave, and the player's patience overall.

When you load the mod, you are greeted with a note that lands at your feet, similar to the opening of Washington's Malevolence (because let's face it, I'm tapped out on intro ideas at this point and that kind of intro is sort of becoming my favorite style by now).

Just in case you want to piss and moan and call me a shit modder just because you can't look to your left.

The note directs you to a cave near the campsite north of Goodsprings (good luck wading through Cazadors, fuckpump!)

Entering the cave brings you to a cave entrance similar to the Vault-Tec vaults. Upon activating the control pod, that is when the craziness ensues.

Just don't refuse the quest. There may be consequences.

Seriously. Don't break my mod and call me a talentless dick because you can't fucking read.

I have no timeline for the release of this mod. Work has gone slow as ever.

Although I really do want to finish this one.

Let me know what you think. If you even read the article.

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