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924 Creative Works is a one-man operation based out of the Alleghany Highlands of Virginia. Our studio is dedicated to producing only the best works possible. 924CW is known for producing Washington's Malevolence, a massive quest mod for Fallout 3.



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Washington's Malevolence

October 5, 2018

Journey to Maddox Island in the Chesapeake Bay in search of untold pre-Great War riches! Along the way, you will meet countless friends and enemies that will shape the outcome of the Great Raid of 2277.

The Impossible Mod


You think you're the best RPG player ever? You think New Vegas is easy? Think again. The Impossible Mod will test your abilities, your smarts, and your patience.

Project ZDIS


After arriving back in the Capital Wasteland with the lion's share of the loot from Maddox Island, you realize that there are still questions about the island left unanswered. What gives with the vaults? Why did islanders have access to alien technology that you had only heard rumors about? This in-the-works expansion to the original Washington's Malevolence story promises to provide all the answers.


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