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Updated: Oct 27, 2019

So I guess this is how it starts, huh? First time in ages I made a website.

I suppose I could give some project updates.

With Washington's Malevolence, I'm currently working on a 2.6 update that will bring a voice to Natalie Moritz, courtesy of Kalin Palmer, the voice of Cheri Martin! There will also be changes to the introduction, as seen in the latest video on the Team Silent Pizza Youtube page. I'm not 100% certain if there is going to be another content update after that. However, I may actually port the mod to the Xbox 360 version later down the road, for those of you with modded boxes. I have a working build running on a RGH'd box, but it is based on the 2.4 version of the mod, and has platform-specific issues that need to be resolved.

This is the official announcement of the Fallout New Vegas mod, The Impossible Mod! I'm kinda making this one just as a way to give back to the New Vegas community for the reception the TTW version of Malevolence received in the 9 months since its release. So what IS the mod, you ask? Well, as stated on the front page, the mod is a test of the player's abilities and smarts in regards to not only New Vegas but the Fallout franchise as a whole (at least, prior to Fallout 4). I don't have any real updates of substance in regards to the progress of the development.

Now, for the sequel to Malevolence.

Project ZDIS, as you've probably figured out by now, is the sequel to Washington's Malevolence. The story currently begins immediately after the player returns to the Capital Wasteland, where they meet up with the Brotherhood Scribe that was posted outside Vault 89, Scribe Lane Newman, voiced by Jack Evage of VidEvage. The player is accompanied by him to an area known as the Winchester Air Force Base, an old Brotherhood stronghold that houses Lane's Vertibird, which allows the player to return to Maddox Island. This is currently where the demo version cuts off, but in current development builds, the story does continue further. I've made background plans to include returning characters, such as Lizzie Goldman, Tank, and Jimmy, however, nothing has really come to fruition on those plans as of right now. The only one I'm 100% sure I could get voiced is Jimmy (since I did it, after all!) I'm not very confident I could get Cynthia or Richard back to do the voices as it's been a long time since I was in communication with either, and honestly... I don't really have much done beyond the work I've done on Vault 98 to this point.

To be honest... that's all I got right now! The progress on both the unreleased projects has been slow to this point. I'd personally consider the release years I have listed as a possible date right now, rather than an actual release window. Honestly, I've been battling some health issues as of late, not to mention the burnout that Washington's Malevolence allowed to creep in. I've kind of limited the amount of time I spend working on mods right now while I get those issues resolved.

Guess that's all I got for right now. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post!

Adam S.

Team Silent Pizza

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