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I broke Alton, newcomer.

So yeah. Despite all the work I had previously made towards getting Alton fixed up and converted for TTW, the Fallout modding community has made it clear; my version of Alton for Tale of Two Wastelands 3.2 is utterly broken.


I can't stress enough how much of a mess the underlying structure of Alton is. It was a quest mod first released for Fallout 3 in 2011, hurriedly banged out over 2 years with multiple massive bug fix updates on its own. It was a colossal pain getting the thing running in TTW in the first place, let alone the months I spent chasing down bugs and ensuring the story was playable all the way to completion.

Regrettably, the mod still has glaring issues that need addressed, and to this point, I was all-in on getting Malevolence's update finished.

Alton for TTW 3.2 is priority #1 now for the meantime while I continue to wait for a few re-records for Washington's Malevolence 3.0. (That update is pretty much ready to go, although I may go back and re-record some of the voice lines I flubbed.)

The next update for Alton TTW 3.2 will see the Silent Edit (now called the Janitor's Cleanup) plugin merged completely into Alton. While I usually do not enjoy changing someone else's vision, it has been a massive pain in the ass ensuring people can play both ways. Merging the plugins will ensure the mod just becomes that much easier to update for TTW 3.4.

Along with that, I am being a chode again and announcing that both Alton and Washington's Malevolence for TTW 3.2 will be removed from the Nexus upon the release of TTW 3.4, to ensure both mods are compatible with the new TTW version. When TTW 3.4 releases, do not try to use my mods with that version as without testing, I cannot guarantee they will work properly.

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